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Thread: I have tried every possible thing.except create a thread title : / I'm so frustrated!

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    I have tried every possible thing.except create a thread title : / I'm so frustrated!

    Hey yall,
    I'm really at my last stand here.
    I really don't know what to do to get Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles to work!
    I have a 4.2 Softmodded wii.
    I'm using USB Loader GX as well as Neogamma (Loaders are updated) to boot the game off of my HDD but it still won't work!
    I'm just getting a black screen.
    I've tried searching the forums for answers, and have tried all possible solutions.
    If more info is needed to help me, please let me know.
    I don't know what to do from here.

    - Timodachi

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    try update iso 33 as resi zero and resi umbrella both use it see if there is an update do not update your wii though nintento. also try cfg loader instead of gx there are far more settings you can play with.

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    I will try this now and report back if i still have failure.
    Thank you. : )

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    The problem still persists my friend. : /
    I have updated IOS33 to v3608
    And tried to load the game through CFG USB Loader (Most recent)
    And to no avail.
    I still get a black screen when trying to get to the main menu.

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    Have you looked at that? Be sure to see post #2 also.

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    Thank you for pointing out this thread for me.
    I think this may just be the solution i've been looking for.
    : D

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    Well, the issue is now solved! = )
    I followed the advice from your thread and found a section called:
    "Black screen fix"
    I then looked through what to do step by step.
    After all the trouble, it was just a bad rip of the game.
    I got a better one and it works flawlessly!
    Kudo's everyone!

    - Timodachi


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