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Thread: D2PRO09 superior or inferior to wasabi?

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    D2PRO09 superior or inferior to wasabi?

    Hi guys,
    I have recently sucessfully chipped my own wii with a wasabi and V5 wii clip. All works fine and was easy to do.

    I am now about to do the same to my neices wii (same chipset - D2C) but I cant find the wasabi for as cheap as I bought it anymore.

    I have found a good deal on the D2PRO9 and V3 WII Clip here:

    D2PRO9 V3 Bundle - free triwing 360upgrades - D2PRO9 V3 D2E Bundled with the V4C Wi-iclip-FOR DMS-D2A-D2B-D2C-D2C2-D2E [D2PRO9 V3 Bundle] - 35.99 :, mods-modchips-repairs

    but I am worried that certain games that I have tested on my wasabi will not work on her D2PRO9. The idea was burn a game, test on my wii and if it works on mine I could burn her a copy and i would know it would work as she'd have the same chip. Is this still the case with different chips or do different chips handle games in different ways? I will not get involved with homebrew or anything like that.

    Thanks a lot.

    edit: In the end I found the wasabi V3 with V5 wii clip for 10 more so went for that, but i'd be interested to know the answer to this in case I do any more in future
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    their all about the same, wasabi is the most Stable from what i understand, but in reality its all the same ammount of back ups, same ammount of region free etc, the things that make them better or worse are mute atm

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    great, thanks. next time I'll go for whichever is the best deal.

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    kk, i recomend, modchip depot, or canada mods!


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