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Thread: weird wackie and the wild (usb loaders)

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    weird wackie and the wild (usb loaders)

    ok I'm hoping this is the last time I need to post about the story

    On my 4.2u softmod wii I have 3 loaders (now) 4 I guess wiiflow 1.1 wiiflow 2.2,cfg loader,Uloader....ok and games that you sing and need to use the mic....

    The game KR Glee does this:
    when loading in wiiflow 1.1 or 2.2 I can get the game (glee and Others) to load using Iso 250 Not Cios 222/223/224 and the mic will not work.....same goes with cfg uloader if I use another singing game other then glee and load it with 222 it works and so does the ever glee won't load in uloader i get black screen...using any of the Cios so somewhere in this mess something is conflicking now who can help me clean this mess up my kids love using wiiflow has it easy for them to laod games...being fight with this for 3 days now...and I have what I think tryed everything ..difernt loaders with differnt Cios and Ios..why is it before my mic worked in wiiflow now nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riverdale77 View Post
    Ok in wiiflow 1.1 and 2.2 can get game to load not use Cios 222/223/224 but with 250 and mic will not work
    ^Please fix this sentence, it makes no sense --- use the edit button.

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    sorry about that was writing that out with a sick kid attched to me....

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    Ok so all my other singing games are working..however have a black screen with glee using Cios 222 will not load with 249...only 250 in cfg laoder loads 249 in wiiflow but mic will not work weird...i will get this damn thing to work. any ideas?

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    Two things:

    1. Use the ''Edit Post'' button instead of posting twice. This is seen as bumping, and is against forum rules if you do so within 24 hours.
    2. Little children visit this forum, so watch the language.

    As for your issue, I don't know. Perhaps you could wait until a specific guide is posted.
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    ok will do thanks for the input...


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