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Thread: How do I Installing Configurable USB Loader Themes

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    How do I install Configurable USB Loader Themes

    I've looked around but can't find any information on how to install themes for the Configurable USB Loader.

    I've downloaded a bunch of these from here:

    http : // wii . spiffy360 . com/

    How do I get them in?

    Sorry if this is a rookie question!
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    Just put them in themes folder

    In main usb-loader folder, open up themes folder. Extract each theme to it's own folder in that Themes folder - easy!
    The usb-loader folder should be on the root of your usb or sd, depending
    on your set-up. So u will have 1 themes folder with each theme in it's own folder, inside of it!

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    Thanks! I also see now that it's in the menu.

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    There's also a guide specially for the CFG USB Loader by Krank


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