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Thread: genplus and wii 64 issues

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    genplus and wii 64 issues

    Both genplus and wii64 will not create roms/saves folders anywhere for me. I have tried putting both on the root of my sd and on root of usb drive and cant seem to find them inside the program. I am looking to run all apps from usb drive only. PLease help

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    If I'm not mistake you have to create you own ROM and save folders. It's been forever since I set up GenPlus and I don't use Wii64.
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    got it

    got them both working. Wasn't the location of the files. it was that those 2 emu don't read usb 2.0. so i found the thread that had a link to new boot.dol files and magically both work! Thanks

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    could u help a brother out i have the same problem what site did u go on to make wii64 work.

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    not quite sure....but its a start.

    I first googled the 2 names, genplus and wii64 and ended up on a forum. just use their search feature to get to where ya need to be. Worked like a charm for me and a lot of people must be having the issue for someone to take the time to recode.

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    Thanx for the heads up

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