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    Wasabi Zero

    Say hello to the brand new Wasabi Zero !

    Wasabi Zero is fully compatible with original Wasabi. However, the new Wasabi Zero has been vastly improved in the following ways:

    Easy installation - It has never been easier to install a Wii modchip. Connect the solderless adapter to the chip using the connector, plug it on the drive chip, and start playing. Alternatively, solder version is also available for those who wish to do a regular installation (5 or 6 wires depending on drive version, no pin soldering required).

    Quality - Wasabi V2 and V3 have been known to most installers as the most solid chips on the market. Wasabi Zero will be no exception and features a thicker PCB, ultra-clean routing and a solid wide pitch connector for the solderless adapter.

    Flexibility - As Wasabi Zero is fully compatible with the original Wasabi, they share the same firmware and you'll get all the usual benefits including proven Drivecode, DVD Updates and Configuration Disc. But that's not all. Wasabi Zero can be fully reprogrammed using JTAG.

    Price - The only complaint we've got from users regarding original Wasabi has been its price. We reworked our price structure, you'll be able to get the ultimate chip for a very reasonable price.

    By releasing the original Wasabi without JTAG, we made it clear that users should not require external programmers, and that they can fully update their chip using DVD, and we still stand by this philosophy. Still, JTAG upgradability is something that installers kept asking for, to manage their stock without fear of a new drive revision. It is for them that we included this feature.

    The first batch of Wasabi Zero is currently being manufactured. Release date will be announced soon, stay tuned!

    - quoted from source: Wasabi Wii Modchip - Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E - Upgradable from DVD - Simply the best -

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    sounds intresting, i like my V3, and personally this update, doesnt seem to big, but the added Jtag, and 6 wire install would make it "top" and stop people from saying D2pro is the best because of the tag

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    so would that make it better than the d2pro9 then, it would be the same wouldnt it? all play the same amount of backups etc.

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    Wasabi is "more stable" and it has a more efficent way to get backups to load, also wasabi, was mention to have a way to get past a 2nd code that nintendo might implement to stop piracy atleast that they say exists

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    So if I buy this wasabi zero, I do not need a wiiclip? Do I need anything else?



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    No WiiClip. There's a ribbon attached to the chip. On the other end of the ribbon is the drive chip clip. That's all you need.

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    but PLEASE NOTE, its still unknown, how good that is, wait till people test it first


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