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Thread: Update to latest CIOS automatically?

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    Update to latest CIOS automatically?

    Hi guys, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Homebrew, how do I update my CIOS to the latest version and how to I find out which one I have got?

    I basically cannot get COD Black Ops to work and have updated the USB loader to the latest version and reckon the CIOS needs to be updated.


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    If you had posted in the introduction section you would have been given this link plus others!

    To check your cios eitherr go in to neo gamma and down the bottom it will say something like 249 rev 17 etc
    or run a syscheck
    How to post a system check

    All is covered in the black op's guide on how to change your cios .
    If you have any problems then ask in the guide.

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