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Thread: Wiikey 2 abilities

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    Cool Wiikey 2 abilities

    Ok, so if someone could give me a link to everything it could do.
    Since listing it would be a waste of time?
    Even though my main questions are if it expands what size SD card the wii can use and if i can use it to use my own songs on guitar hero world tour.

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    all the things the rest do more or less
    and nothing can do that, the system its self limits reading 2 gigs even if you put in a 4 and it works

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    what about the songs for the new guitar hero and rock band
    is it possible using the mod chip?

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    SOME people made custom, made guitar heros with new songs, and such, ive seen like 8, if you look around you can find more info

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    Wiikey2 Specs:

    * Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2 and D2E chipsets
    * Compatible with all regions, USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
    * Compatible with D2B "cut pin" drives (does not require the cut pins to be connected)
    * Fully configurable and updatable via DVD
    * Advanced automatic region detection with fallback (works even if a drive is changed to a different region Wii)
    * Region override for Wii and Gamecube games
    * Direct Boot of Wii original, import, and backup games
    * Direct Boot of Gamecube original, import, and backup games
    * Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    * Supports multi-disc games, DVD-R, +R, +RW (no bitsetting required)
    * Supports Dual Layer
    * Supports factory made 'silvers', even with incorrect header data
    * Supports, SMG, SSBB, Mario Kart and other 'problem' titles
    * Streaming audio-fix for Gamecube games
    * Diskspeed configurable via DVD, with separate settings for different media types
    * Recovery mode makes it impossible to brick the chip with a bad flash
    * 8Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications
    * Rock solid performance with 3.3V FPGA core and high quality components
    * Multifrequency Ringpiece Oscillators (MRO) for optimum performance, even with problem drives
    * Onboard status LEDs

    taken from Wiikey 2 Announced! Welcome to the official website of Wiikey!


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