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Thread: How much is my Wii worth?

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    How much is my Wii worth?

    Hello, I would like everyone to price my Wii, because I'm a n00b and I don't know what to charge for it. Here's the rundown.

    I bought this Wii new, (from WalMart) played it for about a month or two, and haven't touched it since. I've kept good care of it, I use canned air to keep it dust free. It is softmodded with dash 4.2, it has the HBC. It also has USB Loader GX and the latest cIOS. It has Priiloader installed. It comes with a 1GB SD card, which you can store apps on if you feel so inclined. The Wii comes with 2 nunchucks, 2 controllers, 2 gamecube controllers (which can be used to play VC games) and a gamecube memory card. It comes with Metroid Prime for Game Cube and Wii Sports. The Wii also comes with a 40GB (formatted) USB hard drive. The Wii includes the stock video cables, and aftermarket HD component cables. As well as, of course, the power brick/adapter and the IR bar.

    Thank You

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    Considering people who buy it will need to know how softmods work and also know that they can't play games via disc (your 40GB hdd MIGHT hold about 10-15 games depending on the games and size), find out the retail cost of the hardware you have and go from there. if you bought this and softmodded for a profit, you're barking up the wrong tree unless you're looking to profit off someone's ignorance of mods. If that's the case then...

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    Oh no certainly not. I bought this Wii to have fun with and play with. I had my fun, and I simply don't play it anymore. I could do retail cost of everything, but no one would pay that when they could buy it new. So I'm asking you guys, if you were to buy it, how much would you spend for it.

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    Well junkmail is right and most people don't know what soft modd is and will only look at the wii as being used and like anything depriciates and can come back to haunt you if they get into things they no anything about trust me soft modded a wii for a friend of a friend and now he bricked it and blames me.But I don't see you getting back what you paid for everthing.

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    For used items, I wouldn't pay more than half of what the price of when it was new. I would figure half of what you paid for all the original Nintendo items, of course some of that stuff came included in the box with the Wii. Used original GC controllers go for about $3, and used GC games are really cheap. The softmod didn't cost you anything. The 40GB usb hdd sounds a bit old to be selling. I guess it's worth what ever somebody will pay you.

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    Oh no, I'm not thinking I'm going to get the full price back. But you guys aren't giving me a number. After this thread I would like to make a 'real' BST thread saying here is my wii I'm asking XXX for it, but could someone offer me an XXX value? Or should I just make the thread 'make me an offer' ?

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    You could do that, sure. If you're looking for "price comparison," you could always check your local area via craigslist. You're not gonna get what gamestop sells second-hand units for, be aware of that (for example, they apparently give warranties with their units).

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    I'd say $75 USD. They have super great sales right now since it's the holidays. If you want to make more I'd wait till after christmas.

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    You might get a little more than $75 or a little more but with all the deals out there like junkmail said it's goin to be tough to get more a family member of mine works for best buy and mention nintendo might remove their sales price lock they have on them so retailers can sell them at thier own price

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    If i needed a wii i would pay in the upwords to $125

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