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Thread: Wii auto-updating.

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    Wii auto-updating.

    Hey all,

    I really want to play some of my games online, like mario kart. But to do so, I need to turn on wiiconnect24. I've heard rumors that nintendo will prompt me to update every so often, but will eventually update without my authorization. Is this true? If so, is there a rhyme or reason to it, or some way to prevent it with 100% certainty? I have a lot of un-authorized wad installs that I don't want to lose.



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    for starters no you dont need to turn on wiiconnect24
    no it wont
    only if you let the question hang for over a day
    wad installs arnt detectable, like VC games, so no worries, and they cant turn on a kill switch too much liablity for them


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