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Thread: the more i read the less i know lol !

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    the more i read the less i know lol !

    guys guys im trying to understand,

    ive followed dogedds guide and s/modded my wii no probs;

    hermes 222/223 v4
    cios38 rev17
    usb loader gx

    i can play mh tri
    metroid other m

    i can follow giudes but i want to understand
    im trying to get a pic in my head of how it all fits together,

    in my pic there are 400 slots, a slot is called an "IOS" everything below slot 200 are fixed files, everything above can be patched/edited to acheive the desired affect i.e run a backup game.

    when the slots above 200 are patched they are then called a "cIOS"

    to edit a slot you use wad manager.

    so what is the rev ? i know it means revision, but revision of what ?

    now a question, if upgrade my revision is it stuck there or can i downgrade again ? if so how?

    also ive downloaded ios249 base 57 rev 19 (and 20) do i just install these with wad manger ?
    if i do will that upgrade me to rev 19 or 20 or do i need to upgrade 1st ??

    @ nightstah...have mercy mate its a nooby question in the nooby section !!

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    rev is revision, yes. It is a revision of that particular cios, maybe made with another base ios or something IDK/C. You can change your cios at anytime by installing the one you want to have over the existing one.
    you have downloaded 2 versions of the same ios (19+20), when you install them both you will only have whichever one you install last.

    nightstah is pretty patient but some of your questions are testing!

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    revisions are lik different versions of the cIOS of any other thing.

    also ive downloaded ios249 base 57 rev 19 (and 20) do i just install these with wad manger ?
    if i do will that upgrade me to rev 19 or 20 or do i need to upgrade 1st ??
    If you downloaded these from Cile's wanin and hermes cios list then install them with wad manager

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    Also, as far as revisions go, for your system menu ios (ios70 in your case) if you were to update that to the latest revision, that's what we call a stubbed ios. Pretty much a place holder that has no function. If you updated to that stub you would find yourself with a FULL brick. (Nightstah, lol.)

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    i was ok till the last post !!!?

    where did you get ios 70 from ? (is that my base?) and are you saying if i installed rev 20 i would brick ?
    (take a deep breath nightstah)

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    junkmail's talking about the ios the system menu runs on. If you stub your current system menu ios, you'll full brick like he said
    you said 4.1e so your current one would be ios60...where'd you get ios70 from junkmail?
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    LOL. Sorry. You're on system menu 4.1, not 4.2 like I thought. Your system menu ios is ios60. REV20 is actually the rev of the cios which is ok to install.

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    so my system menu is ios 60. is this the patched ios 60 i installed when i did the softmod.

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    Yes. So you should have no other reason to mess with it. FYI ios70 is the system menu ios for 4.2 and 80 is for 4.3

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    also i use usb loader gx, and i read it doesnt relly have proper support above rev 17. is it only mh tri i will lose if i go to rev 20 or are other games affected. would i be better going to 19 instead of pushing it ? im only doing it to play black ops, otherwise i have no other issues. is it best to keep updating revisions to stay on top ?

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