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Thread: Repair what is not fully broken

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    Repair what is not fully broken

    a year ago before Christmass I softmodded my wii from 3.4E to 4.1E. On top of that I put cIOScorp 3.5.

    However soft mod didn't go 100% ok (HBC is upside down, shop chanel is not working, wii explorer doesn't work...) most of games were working flawlesly through disc chanel.
    Recently I wanted to play "Worms battle islands" and even though I used IOS223 (as said in one of topics) I get freeze on "loading game" screen.
    I decided to do a softmod once again and here goes a question.
    1) should I just do "Updating from your old Softmod!" guide, what will give me all up to date IOSes, flips HBC and allows to play "Worms"?
    2) should I reload NAND backup that I have on SD card, do softmod basing on one of guides?
    3) should I use "cioscorp remover" and do update?

    The questions arise from the fact I've read that "you might have problems with cioscorp".
    I've already checked that I have priiloader v0.2 and wadmanager 1.4...
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    I'd recommend to uninstall cIOSCORP first via this guide.
    Then, follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide in my signature.
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    Remove darcorp, then run through the guide of your choice for softmodding you current SM (there is a link to one in my signature) HBC will be upright after you get ios58 and reinstall hbc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBandicootAddict View Post
    I'd recommend to uninstall cIOSCORP ...
    I think you meant uninstall?
    so as not to confuse OP
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    Yes, I meant uninstall, indeed.
    I'm not good at doing three things at the same time.
    Thanks for mentioning.

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    So I'm at section 3c) of This thread...
    I'm installing IOS70... while downloading 00000000E from NUS it... stopped downloading....
    What should I do? Reset.. or what... since it is said... "...If anything goes wrong when installing your System IOS (power-out, taking out SD card, etc.) and the process in this section does not complete, your console will brick..."
    Reseted, held 'reset' and started dopmii again... download finished.
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    Should be OK, that's an IOS for Sytem Menu 4.2 anyway. But do redo that step after you start it. Also, questions of this nature (meaning following a guide) should go in said guide.


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