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Thread: Wood Firmwares v1.18

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    Wood Firmwares v1.18

    Yellow Wood Goblin has released an update to the Wood Firmwares.
    Since v1.17, there is a Wood R4i Gold firmware released by the R4iDSN team. This firmware is produced in close cooperation between me and the R4iDSN team, it gets the same support from me as do my other firmwares.

    Caution: The Wood R4i Gold firmware is only for the R4i Gold made by and sold by Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc)

    • localization for root entries added.
    • option to use .sav instead .nds.sav added.
    • 'safe mode' added. in 'safe mode' you can only play games. all other operations are disabled. to disable 'safe mode' you need to edit /__rpg/globalsettings.ini and remove the line with the word 'safemode'.
    • fixed missing text in rom info dialog then custom icon used.
    • dutch localization updated. tnx to MrDiesel.
    • spanish localization updated. tnx to PabloACZ.
    • romanian localization updated.

    • 'super robot taisen l (japan)' fixed.
    • 'harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 1 (europe)' fixed.
    • 'beyblade metal fusion - cyber pegasus (europe)' fixed.
    • 'nine hours - nine persons - nine doors (usa)' fixed.
    • 'harvest moon ds - sunshine islands (europe)' fixed.
    • 'call of duty - black ops (usa)' fixed.
    • 'doctor who - evacuation earth (europe)' fixed.
    • 'tron evolution (europe)' fixed.
    • 'beyblade metal fusion (usa)' fixed.
    • 'golden sun - dark dawn (usa)' fixed.

    Wood R4
    Wood R4iDSN
    Wood R4i Gold
    Wood RPG
    Source- GBAtemp

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    Sweet..... yeah i had probs with the 1.17 with the .sav craziness....

    THX for the update!!


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