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Thread: Newbee Q, probably stupid, 4.2E to 4.3

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    Newbee Q, probably stupid, 4.2E to 4.3

    I start with excusing myself for this question. The answer is probably obvious, and written in +110 threads.

    My only excuse is that i`m over 30, and therefor does not understand simple instructions anymore.

    + 1 year ago I hardmodded my console with weekey2. I also softmodded at the same time to get USB loader GX. Im on 4.2E system version.

    Now i wanted to play black ops, and of course i need to do some stuff.

    However, I really do not manage to understand WHAT i have to do with my setup, since i have a working 4.2E softmod AND a weekey2 chip.

    I get the loading freeze in USBloader GX by the way.

    In some places, it says - upgrade to 4.3 normally, and in others that i have to have some original Lego game.

    So, if anyone could point me in the right direction, preferably with youtube videa (remember Im OLD), i would me very grateful.

    Thanks in advance


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    Being over 30 has nothing to do with anything...I'm over 30 and manage. Why don't you just follow the COD:BO guide to get it working?
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    Do not update to 4.3..follow the COD guide as darkcide said. Install the needed cIOS and set the game to load with it. Very simple.

    This thread is now closed as we have a guide for this game. Good luck and please read it carefully before asking questions.
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