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Thread: IOSpatcher 1.0

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    IOSpatcher 1.0

    this program is used to get hard to work games that require a update to run, run, it is recommended to swap most games to IOS 30.
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    How to use IOSPatcher-1.0 to fix Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    I downloaded the IOSPatcher-1.0 to fix Mortal Kombat: Armageddon but not sure how to use this program to fix the iso. Could someone please explain how to use this program

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    read my just about everything and then some

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    where can I read this?

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    "just about everything and then some"

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    Just read it but still unsure. I unzip the file and run the IOSPatcher application file. Another window then pops up (black) that has some info on the IOS and a command prompt that says "Press any key to continue...". when I hit enter, the window disappears. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I also dragged the iso file to this window and pressed enter but the window disappeared also. Please pardon my ignorance but this is my first time doing this and as you can tell I'm clueless. Please help.

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    you drag and drop on the app

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    Thanks, but then how do I change the ios number to 249? Do I just type "249" at the end of the file name after I drop in the app program?

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    type it and enter -.- did you actually read that guide?

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    I did look at the tutorial section -> "just about everything and then some" where you mention about animal crossing etc but in step 3 you mentioned changing the region from 38 to 30 etc but not how to do it. Anyway, thanks for your help and patience - really appreciated!! So I'll just type 240-.- and then hit enter right?

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