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Thread: A Mac OS X Tip: Change your HDD Icon to Wii!

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    Lightbulb A Mac OS X Tip: Change your HDD Icon to Wii!

    If you're a Mac user, here's how to change your external HDD icon to a Wii icon!

    Download Wii icons from here: InterfaceLIFT Icons: Nintendo Wii

    Open the folder you downloaded and you'll see nifty little Wii icons.

    Now view your external HDD in finder, and right click and select "Get info" (or press Command+I). You should see a little thumbnail of the icon at the top left of this info window.

    Drag one of the Wii icons to that little thumbnail and voila! you will now have a Wii icon representing this hard drive in Finder.

    Note to Moderators: I'll post this here in the newbie forum and ask that you please move it to the best forum. I'm such a n00b I have no idea! Also feel free to delete this paragraph.
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