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Thread: cfg loader wii speak/maybe garbage mic

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    cfg loader wii speak/maybe garbage mic

    ok being trying now for 3 days thanks to cile I ahve being able to get glee to work for my kids however I'm still having problems with i was hoping seems how my wii speak works why does'nt the mic? I know that both usb work so now maybe this whole time the mic just does'nt work ..cfg loader Loads the game glee using ios 250...I have installed all the right ever on 250 hand the game loads it tells me to load a usb could it be that the mic it self is crap (intech) mean does'nt work or is there some little thing like needing old V of cios like 222,223,224. If all said and done will buy a new one on friday...can't be that big of a deal has all my games work..just funny that a week ago my mic worked...

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    i see you have allready posted in this thread i have posted on it again have a look at the 2 options i have given
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