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Thread: ios 222 v4 or 249 v9 error

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    ios 222 v4 or 249 v9 error

    I softmodded my 4.3u, and when I run the USB loader, I got the ios 222 v4 or 249 v9 error. Is there any easy way to fix this for a noob?

    Thanks a lot, and I apologize if this has already been posted 1,000 times.

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    Yes, this means you failed to softmod your Wii. You have no cIOS. Please follow mauifrog's guide.

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    Do I need to remove the old mod and make the wii virgin again, or can I just go through mauifrog's guide?

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    Follow mauifrog's guide; if you run into issues, problems or questions relating to his guide, then post them within said guide. Good luck.


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