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Thread: WBFS Manager 3.0 No cover art

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    WBFS Manager 3.0 No cover art

    I just soft modded my Wii yesterday using some of the great tuts on this site. Everything is going good, except I can't get any cover art on my games. On WBFS on my computer it doesn't even show up. There is a box that says download cover art online and it is ticked. I've ran 3 different games through it and none of them had pictures. Can someone help me, I would be fine putting the pictures on myself manually.

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    Edit the 'WBFSManager.exe.config' file and change these links... some may work, so try them all...

    "" to "" 3D US Front Cover
    or "" for Non 3D US Front Cover

    "" to "" 3D European Front Cover
    or "" 3DEuropean Front Cover

    "" to "" 3D JAP Front Cover
    or "" Non 3D JAP Front Cover


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