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Thread: Anyregion Changer

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    Anyregion Changer

    to change your wii systems region, or language to another, CAREFUL misuse will/can brick your wii, please read the read me before installing

    make sure you accepted both polices before you try this, also good for updating a wii to 3.2
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    is the system update of 3.2 permanent or temporary as well?

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    depends if you update

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    Thanks tool helped me loads

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    do I install this wia dvd or HBC with sd?

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    HBC with sd

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    I have a 3.2J wii and I would like to update it to 3.2U

    How do I do that?

    I already downloaded the zip file. Where should I place it into the SD card? Do I need to rename anything? Just launch HBC? Please guide me thanks~

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    hi, let me try this ... I wanted to convert my jap ver Wii to us menu as well

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    if you try to install the wrong ragion firmware you will semy brick your wii cause the region wont match your console!!

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    I am receiving
    Error getting settings! 1,1,1,0, -24578
    when attempting to run this application.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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