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Thread: getting stuck on customising configurable USB loader

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    getting stuck on customising configurable USB loader

    HI everyone this is my first post so I apologise if im posting in the wrong forum or dont make sense! Ok here goes Ive soft modded my Wii by following one of your excellent guides, added homebrew and a few other useful apps. I'm using CFG USB loader (61b8) to play my backup games off an external USB hard drive. My hard drive is formatted into 2 partitions (NTFS and a WBFS). When I load up the USB loader it says Fat1 not found select a different partition. At this point I can then choose partition 1 (WBFS1) or partition 2 (NTFS1). All my back up games are stored on the WBFS1 partition so I would like it to automatically load up the WBFS1 partiton without asking me (easier for the kids to use). I have explored my SD card and found a program called CFgLoaderConfigurator so I loaded this up and found an option to choose which partition to select as the default however when I choose the option and exit nothing has actually changed with my CFG loader it still chooses FAT1 as the default. Im sure im doing something wrong, do I have to somehow make the change to the option and then somehow save something I am totally lost. Thanks for any help anyone can give me im prob missing something fairly simply!


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    I'm a noob using v60 and I made the change in global settings and then saving global settings.

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    After you make your changes, click the "Generate config.txt with Global Options" button and over-write your config.txt file on your drive.

    Read this for more info about the options..

    Configurable Options - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial


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