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Thread: SD Card suggestion?

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    SD Card suggestion?

    I was using an Adata Turbo Gx 4GB SDHC card but the lock/unlock mechanism broke (the card was cheap & I had it for 5 or 6 years so I'm not surprised). I'm looking to buy a new card for my softmod needs. Any suggestions? I heard Sandisk was a good brand. I also heard non SDHC cards are preferable with Wii homebrew so I should go with one that's 2GB or under correct (I only used 560MB on my old card due to NAND backup & various apps).

    I've also been thinking about the Nintendo 2GB card for the Wii (since its only 2GB IIRC). Has anyone had issues with that one?

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    ye sandisk is recomended. i have a 4gb sdhc card in my wii haveing no problems with it but you can only softmod the wii with a 2gb sd card then use bigger card if you wish
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