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Thread: Another Lost Newbie...Please Help!

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    Another Lost Newbie...Please Help!

    hi everyone. yes, i have read & the more i read, the more confused i am. i am looking for the easiest, fastest, way to make some wii discs for my nephews for xmas. in this economy, i can't even afford them so i would just like to dl a few games for them and burn the iso files onto a dvd. i know how to do that much, i think. what i am having a difficult time with is figuring out what i need to dl so that i can 'softmod' their wii, i think that is what you call it.

    im not computer/tech savy so i don't want 'hardmod' anything. i just want them to be able to play the dvd files i will burn on dvd's for them, on their wii. i have also seen something called homebrew, brewii, and on and on, but don't even know where to begin.

    could some of the folks here that have a bit more experience, provide step by step instructions on how to get the wii game burned dvd's to play on their wii's. im looking for some easy, plug and play type of thing. i have no idea what version of wii they have either, but if someone tells me where to go look for this, i can find out.

    any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    We do not support, facilitate, or otherwise engage users in acts of piracy. While I realize the economy isn't great, we can't help you. Read the


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