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Thread: Call Of Duty: Black Ops = frozen black screen when loading...

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    Us Call Of Duty: Black Ops = frozen black screen when loading...

    Hey guys:

    My wii is a ver. 4.2U hacked via "Messie's guide" to the tee. I loaded up "Call of Duty-Black Ops" and it gets to the black loading screen and freezes everytime. I've done some reading ie. "Kranks guide" and I loaded up and installed the 2 ios's. It still freezes.

    I don't recall ever setting up a "N shopping channel account" but, when I went there tonight, I got on without being asked to agree to any "User Agreements" and nothing about "linking this acount to that acount." Maybe that's because I loaded the shopping channel account ios? I don't know.

    I think Krank's guide is for online play only. My kids are babies and don't know about online yet and that's a good thing) I also read something about, I need an updated neogamma(I'm currently a rev. 14.", however, I use an external hd so I'm not sure that's going to help.

    I have a Hermes_cios installer on my sd card and I recall using his loaders, but I'm not sure of which one's(they are from 2009). Everthing was taken from Messie's guide.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    1. I think perhaps you mean the two cIOS and not IOS.
    2. Any inquiry on this game ---- only after fully reading and comprehending go in his guide, which you obviously are aware of. Sorry, we're sticklers for confining game questions to their respective threads.
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    4. Thread closed.


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