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Thread: WiiFlow download corrupt

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    WiiFlow download corrupt

    Hi guys,

    Trying to download wiiflow 1.1 full from their home page but the download link is bad and the resulting file is a 39kb corrupt archive, does anyone have a link for a trusted mirror?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, wasnt really sure where to put it)


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    Been using 2.1a2(recommended) for awhile now without problems. You can try the 2.2 beta if you like.

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    Oh, where might I find that? the only version I see on their site is 1.1, perhaps Im on the wrong site

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    I posted a link in my it is again.

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    Oh, my apologies, Im half blind and often miss things, sorry about that.

    Which cios version should I get? I believe I have them all installed

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    one other quick question, does wiiflow not load fat32 games? My HDD is formated to fat32 and ive converted the ISO to wbfs, but all the instructions keeps saying that I need wbfs partition which I dont really want

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    Probably should try 249 first. My hard drive is one big fat32 partition with .wbfs games, Wiiflow 2.1a2 works fine for me.


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