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Thread: Priiloader - unable to get to System Menu hacks?

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    Priiloader - unable to get to System Menu hacks?

    I have a 4.3U Wii & I'm using Priiloader v0.6(beta v3). Anyways, the Priiloader boots up like normal and i'm able to use any other option, but when I go to System Menu Hacks, it states:

    Can't find hacks_hash.ini on FAT Device
    Can't find hacks_hash.ini on NAND

    I have the hacks.ini on the root of my SD card, but I'm guessing this new beta Priiloader needs a hacks_hash.ini? Does anyone know where I can get this file? Thanks!

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    you can still use old hacks.ini go in priiloader settings and second last choice enable classic hacks.ini

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