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Thread: WiiflowG2C by enemywithin

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    WiiflowG2C by enemywithin

    A program to convert the WiiTDB genres to categories for Wiiflow. This is accomplished by mapping the genres to the desired categories. I included the mappings.ini file that I use for my collection.


    1. Select the "titlesdump.ini" file (this is selected automatically if the drive is connected and it's in the wiiflow\settings folder)
    2. Click the Update button (the mappings.ini file is loaded and applied)
    3. Fix the genre-to-category mappings (as required)
    4. Click the Output button to save the "categories.ini" file

    Download: WiiflowG2C

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    i want to try this

    i would like to try this where do i put files on WBFS or fat and what folders do they go in


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