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Thread: Flatmii Fusion and D4 drives

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    Flatmii Fusion and D4 drives

    I want to buy a Flatmii Fusion key but still I don't know if its compatible with the entire range of wii/drives on the market (like wiikey fusion are).
    They say that are compatible with D3-2 drives but they don't mention about D4 (which I understand is D3-2S). Some review/comments said that is compatible with fw. 4.3E.

    My Wii is new (bought 2 weeks ago) and virgin. It has 4.3E and I don't know what drive type(yet) it has; sn LEM50XXXXXX.
    I don't want to softmod it because of my son; I want a simple to use solution and i think Flatmii Fusion is the best one.

    So, is there anybody who used this modchip on the latest consoles, with 4.3E and D4 drives? Does it works?

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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    huh, didn't know D4 drives are also called D3-2S...thanks
    far as I know, D3-2 and D4 drive can't read burned games...
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    it will only work for sd cant use back up dvds with d3-2 or d4 drives with this modchip

    Wode is a good choice

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    Thank for your quick answer!
    My serial number indicates that the drive is very probably D4 (after some sites which some guys said is waste of time). Anyway, my Wii is very new, black edition and i know that these new drives can't read backups... Remaining solutions are wiikey fusion, flatmii fusion and wode (all are reading other media, SD or HDD). I prefer flatmii because of easy to use, display and it seems it has no troubles like wiikey.


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