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Thread: please help with ios61 to ios70

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    Question please help with ios61 to ios70

    I have been searching for hours and finally said its time to ask for help.

    I have a 4.2u wii thats been working perfectly find with the configurable usb loader

    I tried to use the store but read up that i need to update my ios61 to ios70

    Any way i go about it nothing works.

    I tried using the dop mii and select to update to 70 and it said it finished but didnt do anything

    so i finally went and downloaded the modmii application

    still says im on version io61...

    I cant figure out whats easier to do/rather how to.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    If you are talking about the shopping channel then it is ios 56 that you need. Have a look HERE

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    wow you rock!
    spend at least 4 hours and did not find this about 65

    :-) really appreciate your help


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