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Thread: Glovepie Original NES 4 Player Wiimote Script

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    Glovepie Original NES 4 Player Wiimote Script

    This is like the SNES Script but for the Original NES. This allows up to 4 players on the games that allow it. I played Kings of The Beach personally to try this out. I am assuming you already have glovepie installed and can connect via blutooth to the computer with your wiimotes.

    This script lets you use the following attachments (1-4 Players):

    Wiimote Only - No turbo buttons
    Classic Controller - Turbo Buttons Added
    Nunchuk - Turbo Buttons Added

    This way you can use any combination of controllers you would like.

    If you do not know how to do this there are many tutorials showing how to do this on the web already use google and search for "Connect wiimote to pc"

    The script is attached below make sure you save it to a place you remember so you can open it and run it in glovepie.

    Key Mappings:

    Player 1 Mappings

    Up = Arrow Up
    Down = Arrow Down
    Left = Arrow Left
    Right = Arrow Right

    B = E
    B Turbo = 6

    A = T
    A Turbo = Y

    Select = Q
    Start = W

    Player 2 Mappings

    Up = O
    Down = P
    Left = U
    Right = I

    B = A
    B Turbo = S

    A = D
    A Turbo = Y

    Select = Q
    Start = W

    Player 3 Mappings

    Up = J
    Down = K
    Left = G
    Right = H

    B = L
    B Turbo = Z

    A = X
    A Turbo = C

    Select = Q
    Start = W

    Player 4 Mappings

    Up = N
    Down = M
    Left = V
    Right = B

    B = 1
    B Turbo = 2

    A = 3
    A Turbo = 4

    Select = Q
    Start = W

    Make sure to open the key mappings and disable all of them in there. At least disable any that has numbers 1-6.

    Make sure to map out all the keys and check the box that allows for 4 players. Make sure to be careful entering in the proper keys its easy to enter the wrong mapping on the wrong controller.

    Hopefully this works for you as I have tested and have it working with FCEUX
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