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Thread: Wii Backup Loader/Launcher OR Neogamma R7 On 4.3U?

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    Wii Backup Loader/Launcher OR Neogamma R7 On 4.3U?

    yesterday I installed homebrew channel on my 4.3U wii with the method that uses super smash bros brawl and the channel works do you install the wii back up channel (or wii backup launcher/ neogamma r7 "sorry I don't really know the exact title for the channel")
    ALSO - please do not ask me to downgrade because it may risk my wii or install USB loader since I cannot afford a high memory USB device)

    I have seen a few videos on youtube where the dude had a wii backup loader in his channel running on version 4.3U

    I had homebrew channel and backup launcher but when I ran metriod other m it asked to update game..when it was done my wii went from 4.0U to 4.3U..I got back the homebrew channel with the method mention earlier I just need a wii backup channel/neogamma r7 on 4.3U thanks

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    STOP following crappy youtube videos and use the link in my sig. That guide will leave you with everything you need.


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