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Thread: Bootmii via boot2/IOS and priiloader?

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    Bootmii via boot2/IOS and priiloader?

    I have a newer Wii, so I was only able to install bootmii as an IOS. I wanted to make sure I have brick protection so I installed priiloader successfully. I was playing around with the HBC and pressed the home button and got to the bootmii menu with those 4 buttons.

    After reading about it, I realized I could backup my NAND of my Wii so I did. My question is simple.. how come bootmii as boot2 is the best brick protection, when you can backup your NAND with bootmii regardless of if it was installed as boot2 or IOS? I plan on keeping priiloader even though I have my NAND backed up, just incase.

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    Because if you ever brick with bootmii as an IOS you will not be able to get to bootmii to restore the nand (and there is a high chance of corruption, you shouldn't try to restore the nand with bootmii IOS). If you could get to bootmii IOS then you wouldn't need to restore your nand and could do it with other tools.

    The nand backup (nand.bin and keys.bin) is still useful though, keep it safe.

    The best brick protection is knowledge, not bootmii as boot2. I have done unmentionable things to mine and I have never bricked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krank View Post
    The best brick protection is knowledge
    I agree. I don't even have BootMii/Boot2, and have never bricked, while I still install IOSes, channels etc. every week. Just read the thread about what you should never do, and the chance of bricking is low.
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    Very helpful like always, thank you guys.


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