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Thread: USB Loader GX 3D Covers

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    USB Loader GX 3D Covers

    Hi all,

    I have success softmodded my 4.3e Wii following Mauifrog's brilliant brilliant guide. I then used Gen3SF's guide to install USB Loader GX and formatted my Wii HDD to split 400GB to WBFS and 100GB to FAT32 and all is working perfectly there. I installed USB Loader GX as a channel on my Wii rather than a forwarder so I don't need to keep an SD card in and again seem to have done this perfectly as well.

    I have backed up all my games onto the Wii HDD and my better half is now delighted that we don't have discs out all over the place, being left under rugs etc by our 2 very young children!! I am delighted as I no longer need to take discs to Game to get them cleaned when the kids abuse them. All round this has been the perfect solution for us as a family so thanks to all those who have taken the time to write the guides and create this forum.

    The last piece in the jigsaw I would love is to be able to download the covers for games within USB Loader GX. When I had it running off my SD card this worked but now I have it set to run as a channel in the Wii it is not. When I look at the options in USB Loader GX it shows the route for saving the Covers amongst other files is SD:/ Is there a way I can edit this so it saves to the FAT32 section of my Wii HDD that otherwise is sitting there doing not a lot!?

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you checked this guide out?

    There should be an option in usb loader to select the path for the cover imgs....
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    I hadn't read that before so thanks for the link but I see no reference to running USB Loader GX as a channel within Wii without the need for an SD card and then ammending the route for saving the cover files as was my question. Maybe with my waffling, my question wasn't very clear.

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    Just treat your FAT32 partition as if it was the SD, make folders for your covers on the FAT32 partition and change the custom paths to the folders you made in the GX settings.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Kranks, thanks for that, that is exactly what I want to do but I see no way of changing the paths within the options of USB Loader GX. They are just set to SD:/ but I want them be in X:/ (the name of my FAT32 partition on my Wii HDD.

    Any ideas how to change the paths?

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    I would also like to see where this goes. Since you've installed it as a channel, I think you're hosed. If, however, you install a forwarder and have the USB Loader GX files on the HDD, you could open up the GXGlobal.cfg file and make the changes there. I THINK that would fix the issue. I just installed the files today and haven't had a chance to get into the configurations of USB Loader GX yet.

    But... having a channel installed instead of a forwarder is probably going to be an issue here.

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    Good point 5thDementian. That could be a plan for tonight.... I'll let you know how I get on.


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