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Thread: Security Expert Warns of Android Browser Flaw

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    Security Expert Warns of Android Browser Flaw

    Android Data Stealing Vulnerability

    While doing an application security assessment one evening I found a general vulnerability in Android which allows a malicious website to get the contents of any file stored on the SD card. It would also be possible to retrieve a limited range of other data and files stored on the phone using this vulnerability.

    The vulnerability is present because of a combination of factors. I’ve been asked nicely to remove some details from the following section, and as my intention is to inform people about the risk, not about how to exploit users, I’ve agreed:

    * The Android browser doesn’t prompt the user when downloading a file, for example "payload.html", it automatically downloads to /sdcard/download/payload.html
    * It is possible, using JavaScript, to get this payload to automatically open, causing the browser to render the local file.
    * When opening an HTML file within this local context, the Android browser will run JavaScript without prompting the user.
    * While in this local context, the JavaScript is able to read the contents of files (and other data).

    Then, once the JavaScript has the contents of a file it can post it back to the malicious website. This is a simple exploit involving JavaScript and redirects, meaning it should also work on multiple handsets and multiple Android versions without any effort.

    complete article

    source - Android Data Stealing Vulnerability |
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    Thread from 2010?


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