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Thread: Hello from and Fta2k

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    Talking Hello from and Fta2k

    Well i introduced myself in the other section and
    I figured i would do it here as well... I am an
    Admin on Powered by vbulletin
    I am Also a Moderator On and use to
    be a Supermod on Ftabins. "Rest its Soul" Anyways
    Just wanted to say hello to all you fellow site admins
    and mods.... Site looks great love the way you guys
    Modded your Vbulletin Looks Great I am enjoying my stay
    and thank you for having me here....


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    i used to be on that years ago.

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    edit: this post is old lol
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    edit: this post is old lol
    holy, youre right. i didnt realize the post date. lol


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