I looked all over but cannot find what I am looking for - so here goes.

I have a Wii with a Drivekey. I have never updated my Drivekey. I dont know if I need to do it. I have recently acquired Monopoly Streets and it did an upgrade to Version 4.3U. I only use NTSC-U games and dont need the ability to use PAL, etc. I would like to play Monopoly Streets but it was it wants to do a version upgrade (again) and warns me that if there is any unauthorized modifications that my games may no longer work.

1) Will my drivekey still work for what I am using it for (NTSC-U games only) if I do the upgrade.
2) Do I need to do an upgrade on my DriveKey
3) If I need to update my drivekey which is 2 years old, how do i do it?

thank you for any help