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Thread: Is there a way to start over by deleting any and all mods on the wii

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    Is there a way to start over by deleting any and all mods on the wii

    I need to start over because I have royally screwed my WII . The short version is that I bought a game, got error 002. Then, don't ask why, I formatted system memory, lost usb loader. Now all I have is the priiloader and cannot get back to even a stock wii menu. My SD card is all frazzled, though I have all the files from the original 4.2 mod. Is there are any way to start over or any way of resetting the Wii , I don't mind if I have to open it up. I already unplugged for five minutes, not quite the reset I was looking for. My options are:

    System Menu
    Homebrew Channel(doesn't work)
    BootMii IOS (doesn't work, I can make this work by putting the bootmi folder back in the root of the SD card but I don't see how this can help me)
    Installed File
    Load/Install File
    System Menu hacks

    IOS v70
    System Menu v481

    Priiloader v0.1(r15)

    If anyone has any ideas then I am all ears! I am open too any suggestion, there must be some way of fixing this thing.

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    First things first: do you have a working system menu? If so, you can follow the softmod any wii guide from my signature.
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    system menu

    I believe I have a working system menu, i will try to follow your guide. Thanks for the tip, any other information is appreciated, links, pointers etc...Especially if there is a way to reset the Wii by opening it up. Anyhow thanks much for the response!!!

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    I was able to download the latest hackmii installer and load it. The menu is unresponsive and eventually it goes to a screensaver, just scrolling random dots. I cannot choose any options, i am letting it go for a bit , guessing its doing something but it doesn't seem like it....any ideas?

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    try using a gamecube controller

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    Got everything working except new game COD Black ops

    I have everything working, i am trying to launch black ops from the original disc(retail). I am using uloader to launch from the dvd, it just says loading... over and over. I am trying to upgrade to 224 base 57 but the file I need will not download. It gives bad hash error....where can I get this file? I don't see where I can download it and it doesn't appear to be included in the uloader download unless I got a bad download

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    Done cod blackups up

    I had to get uloader installed then manually install the ios 57 wad from here with WAD manager,

    go down to cIOS 224 and download and install the appropriate WAD with the WAD manager, won't load from uloader. I used the ios224[57]-v5.1.wad

    Thanks for the responses and pointers. Merry Christmas

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    Also needed to install shop channel and associated IOS as well as the EULA....


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