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Thread: Downgrading with a Virgin Wii with version 4.3E.

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    Unhappy Downgrading with a Virgin Wii with version 4.3E.

    Hi all! I got a very important question. Can i downgrade my wii from 4.3 to 4.1? And then i can softmod my wii? Because i already buy'd a SD-card Sandisk 2 GB. And i got AccuCore DVD-R. And i dont wanna buy Indiana Jones. Because by every store they dont have. Lego Indiana Jones Adventure 1. But they got Lego Indiana Jones 2 but that cost me 40/50 bucks. And my mom is already pissed of that i said to her that i must buy a game -.-. Pls i need help!

    Or can i change my region to 4.3U and softmod my wii with SSBB? Because i got ssbb but i have a 4.3E wii. Because i wanna get rid of my version. I dont wanna have 4.3E anymore. I wanna get 4.1E. It would me helpful if someone could help me.

    Sincerly, PromKing.

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    Sorry, there is no way around it. You can't downgrade or change your region, before softmodding. You will have to buy Indiana Jones, or Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Wheelie Breakers.
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    Well my mom is going to be angry, and im gonna brick my wii now -.-. Because now i buy'd the sd-card and the dvd for nothing.

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    lol go and get the game preownd and softmod your wii then take it back or rent the game there your best options
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    Oh well there is one positive thing. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wheelie Break thing game.. i dont have 20 bucks. And my mom and dad won't buy it. And how the fack can i get 20 bucks if no one gives me money? And i cant ask the game for christmas? Wtf this sucks really hard. Irritating 4.3 Wii
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    watch the language and the attitude.

    Its not OUR fault that 4.3 requires a game. You have your answer, you know what to do. So, go outside, get some sun, do some exercise and CHILL OUT!


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