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Thread: Monster Hunter 3 and Mauifrogs guide

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    Monster Hunter 3 and Mauifrogs guide

    Hi! I have softmodede my wii with mauifrog tutorial (best tutorial ever) and now I am trying to play mh3.
    I have read that I need to install Hermes_cIOS222_223. My question is:

    can I install this cIOS after installing all the previous stuff from mauifrogs tutorial?

    I am using the backup disk channel to play my non-original games, how to I set it to work with ios 223 and then put it back to its previous set up?

    Ty for ur time

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    • Configurable USB Loader -> Select The Game-> Press 1 to go into Options-> IOS = Select which cIOS you want to use for the game -- Press 2 to save

    • WiiFlow -> Use a different boot ios .dol or Select a Game -> Go into Settings-> Page 2-> IOS = Select which cIOS you want to use

    • ULoader -> Select a game-> Configure-> cIOS/Boot-> Select the cIOS you want to use.

    • USB Loader GX -> Select The Game -> Settings -> Game Load -> IOS = Select which cIOS you want to use for the game-- Select "Save" to save.

    neogamma can only use 249...and you already have all the cios required from mauifrogs guide..

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    Sry, i now saw that uloader works with dvd lunch.
    From ur guide of uloader, which installer should i get? ULOADER 5.1D or ULOADER 5.1E?
    I have a 4.1U lu64+ (and as I said, I installed all from the guide of mauifrog).

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