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Thread: Best Wii Games for Online Multiplayer and 2/3 player co-op?

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    Wink Best Wii Games for Online Multiplayer and 2/3 player co-op?

    What are the best online multiplayer games for wii?


    What are the best 2-3 player co-op games for wii?

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    gotta be black ops for online shooter. mario kart is also exellent plus fifa 11. for party multiplayer games raving rabbids is funny along with just dance 2. goldeneye for multiplay. wario ware smooth moves is great for mutiplayer when you have unlocked most of the games.

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    also new super mario bros is good for playoing with friends. golden eye has a good multiplayer (split screen) also has a great multiplayer online.
    Monster Hunter tri has a great online too.
    Mario Kart is awesome.
    Call of duty reflex is the best in m,y opinnion

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    loving goldeneye, except no wii-speak support, but its a solid game, mario kart is fun as can be, BUT if ya going for beating ghosts and such, you'll be saddened, alot of easteregg cheating and modding on tha scoreboards.

    Black ops is good on wii, BUT better on 360. still fun thou. MAKE SURE to buy tha headbanger usb communicator, makes it more enjoyable.

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    Still think MarioKartWii has the best online-play on the Wii. It simply works well, and there is no real lag. Don't know about Call of Duty or Golden Eye, as I own neither of them, but I do know that Super Smash Bros. Brawl online is as horrible as it can be. You cannot choose which mode you want to play, and there's unforgivable much lag. Together with Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the best the Wii has to offer in my opinion. Brawl's multiplayer is epic with friends in the same room, but online is just... not good.

    What I find a shame, though, is that there are a lot of people who use cheats online. It ruins the game for everyone, and the learderboards get totally messed up because of it. When I had just finished the first two levels in Sonic Colours on its release date, I uploaded my scores to the leaderboards. As I had expected, there were two people with maxed out scores already. Same thing with MarioKartWii... I was playing it online with my girlfriend yesterday, and both of us noticed someone blasting through with a Bullet Bill, while he was in first place all the time. Don't know how much fun that is, but I hope all people found cheating get banned as soon as possible.
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