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Thread: I Messed my Wii up :-(

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    I Messed my Wii up :-(

    I was trying to get WADS working on my Wii and did a bunch of things that I cant recall because it was a few weeks ago. Now some software won't run. All my emulators still work but a few things say "Not a Valid Wii Application" Most important none of the media players will work and I got the darn wii mostly to play my divx files.

    I have had a few beers so im kinda messed up to be posting but im so frustrated I have to.

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    if you updated the 3.3+ thats probly the problem
    if you did that look for a downgrade topic theres tons posted here xD
    if thats not the problem, then im not really sure, mind giving me more info?

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    Im really tech literate and would never make that mystake. What kind of more info can I give? Like I said I gots a buzz and it's clouding my memory. I think I should just bring this wii back to the store and tell them it's broke and get a new one.

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    i would update to 3.4 downgrade to 3.2 then see if it works, if not then maybe return it

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    you most likely updated your HBC to beta 9...

    if you read the info that came with beta 9 it tells you exactly what to do....

    in short, it only works with .dol now.


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