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Thread: USB Loader GX r938 Error 002 Fix....

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    USB Loader GX r938 Error 002 Fix....

    HI folks,
    I've just updated to this, the latest version, but on running a game for the first time, I have to manually check the "Error 002 Fix" for each game. Is there a work-around for this (as it's a pain in the arse!) or should I just change back to an earlier release?
    Also, in cover view mode, none of the game titles appear, I have to go into List mode to see what the games are.
    Oh, and I've no longer got the cover art on any of the titles?!!

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    swap to cfg usb loader or wiiflow .....

    and post a syscheck

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    How do I get the syscheck?
    And do I just need the cfg .dol file, or do I need the config file as well?
    Got ti sorted with Conf. USB Loader, and even managed to get the covers sorted. Cheers matey!
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