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Thread: 4.2 to 4.3 ? or howto properly update soft modded wii

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    Talking [SOLVED?]4.2 to 4.3 ? or howto properly update soft modded wii

    UPDATE : 4:52 PM 11/28/2010
    well still have issues with Art of Balance (2010) (WiiWare) and Grease but i updated to cios 14 and dont have to reboot to play new game. So thats good..

    UPDATE: 9:37 PM 11/27/2010
    Still looking around but I did find this post:

    * new grease game I download dies after white screen (this may be just a bad ripp etc but .. I don't care but I have modded several Wii's ( 6 ) using preloader and some bootmii )

    * I want to update all the Wii's I have soft modded properly !
    * i have googled etc and can't find a guide for just updating I don't want to just pick a point in a softmod guide and failsause brick the wii ..

    Here is MY wii as an example:
    * as stated some are bootmii and preloader (boot1 I can assume for preloader )

    * updated HBC recently 1.0.8 ( HBC says I have CIOS61 v19.26)
    * also downloaded the most recent and installed via NUSD (35,37,38 ) to get the wiiware sonic game to work
    * preloader .29 says I can update to .30 but does not work stopps ad downloading changelog )

    * preloader says I have IOS v60 and System menu v417
    * in wad manager I can selectet these IOSs:
    (default) 249

    * hackmii .8 ( can only install as IOS because i have preloader in boot1 I can assume )

    * other then specific game patches what all do I need to worry about being updated JUST all the latest IOS's ?
    * how can I make all this happy and updated ... ?
    * preloader ? or bootmii ? or dont fuck with it ?
    * do they have a uber wiiware usb pack that will just run off SD yet and not have to install > move > delete ?
    * what is this "emulate update" in NUSD or should I not mess with that ?

    With the holidays coming up I am sure my family will have issues with some stupid game they buy... so I need to figure this all out so I can PROPERLY update a Wii ??
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    You should probably edit out the swearing and downloading games parts before anyone will help you.
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    I already ordered the game to be shipped to family member but the wii is 300 miles away so I need to be able to tell them what to do when it wont run

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    There is a guide in the recommended guides section; "Guide: Softmod ANY Wii". That is your answer. Very detailed instructions with all the links to the necessary files. One of the optional steps is an upgrade to SM 4.1. The guide states what to do if you're already softmodded, so there is no concern about skipping through. Just start from the beginning.
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    idk u want to upgrade at all you can do everything that 4.3 does on the lower firmware so i think ur just wasting ur time i am using 4.1u and i dont have a single problem at all and i can play any game out there and do all the updates i also can use the shop channel and all that still and get online with no problems at all.


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