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Thread: Bricked wii ?

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    Bricked wii ?

    Hi, I was looking for some advice on a problem. Im not sure if my wii is bricked or what. It has a drive key v3.0 installed and it also had home brew with neogamma. It was working fine but then some newer games like sniper, and call of duty black ops would not work with the chip or neogamma so I did some looking and was told that my iso wad files were out of date and was directed to a link to an updated wad file list. So I downloaded the new wad files and installed them, all went ok with that. But then when I tried to load a game ("any" game that use to work on neogamma) I was getting an error message. So I thought that I would just remove the wad files that I installed and just not bother playing the few games that didnt work before. Anyway I used the wad manager to remove the wad files , and I had a list so that I only took out the new ones that I put in, and they uninstalled ok. Now my problem is that I get a black screen at startup. I can power on the wii with the remote but thats all I can do. I think it is 4.0u. I tried the power on with the reset pushed and nothing. Tried the GC controller in slot 4 ( and all the other slots also ) and nothing. Tried the bootmii thing with the sd card and also tried the backup disc and all the same, no go. Anyone know of anything else I could try or is it unfixable??

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    does the drive light flash twice when you turn on the wii? Maybe bootmii boot2 is installed and it jut didn't work before
    If that doesn't work, priiloader doesn't work, and savemiifrii doesn't work...the only other thing that I know of is that you'll have to send it to somebody to get reprogrammed. I personally don't know how to do this. They're about 4 or so people on here that do though. But they'll need your wii to be older to have boot2 installed or a nand backup I believe (correct me if I'm wrong).
    Somebody else may have another idea though.
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    You uninstalled ios60, your system ios, it is fully bricked. Send it to deadlyfoez or streamlinehd or bad-ad84 with your nand.bin from bootmii and have the reprogram your nand.
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