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Thread: Are there any tutorials to softmod an already twilight hacked 3.3u wii?

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    Are there any tutorials to softmod an already twilight hacked 3.3u wii?

    I've been reading around the forums the entire night and have read a lot of information. A lot of the tutorials I read are to softmod an untouched wii. My wii is a few years old and a relative of mine softmodded it awhile back through the Twilight hack. So I'm basically starting off from scratch with my knowledge. My version is currently 3.3u. Theres a homebrew and a backup loader channel in there. My friend is going to help me update it to 4.2 with bannerbomb I'm guessing. But I would like to do this myself and wouldn't it be better to softmod to 4.3? for Donkey Kong? Any sort of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Games aren't System Menu-dependent, no. Do not update past 4.1 SM. And we have a guide for DK.

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    Thanks nightstah. I'm looking at the first link you sent me which is "Updating from your old softmod." I am confused as to which guide to follow.
    It says...
    "If you have not softmodded your wii yet THIS IS NOT THE GUIDE FOR YOU TO START OFF WITH. If you're on system menu 3.1-4.1, use the guide by Dogeggs FOUND HERE. If you're on system menu 4.2, use the guide by ShadowSonic2 FOUND HERE."

    I am on system menu 4.1u and already softmod. Do I follow Dogeggs' guide or the one by junkmail?

    Also, you mentioned to not update past 4.1. How come there are people that have guides for softmodding 4.3? Thanks in advance

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    That guide updates your IOS's and stuff, the one by dogeggs and shadow sonic are to soft mod, there are guides for 4.3 for the people that buy new wii's, accidently update, or just started to mod.
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    Thanks linkzor. Would you suggest I update to the 4.3 softmod or stay with my current 4.1 bannerbomb softmod?

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    Updating to 4.3 is an epic fail.

    Follow Mauifrogs Mod Any Wii Guide. This will bring you up to date without being on stupid 4.3....
    The point of 4.3 = Zilch

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