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    File Sizes


    First off I want to thank everyone on here for the Great tutorials! I was able to easily Softmod my Wii without any trouble.

    I am using an 8gb flash drive for my backups and formatted it using Acronis. I used the USB loader to backup new super mario wii and it worked great!. I noticed that the file was only 350mb when done. Is this a normal size for these backups or does it depend on the game?

    I made an ISO of another game that I own and I am using Wii Back up manager to convert it but the file is over 3gb. Is there a way to shrink that file as well or is that the normal size for some games?

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    I'll ignore the downloading games part because it's irrelevant to the question. Scrubbed game sizes vary greatly based on the amount of data game game actually uses. Some are tiny as you saw with NSMB, some can take up almost the whole disc and be over 4GB, and there are a few dual layer discs that are pretty big...Like SSBB is roughly about 7GB or so if my memory serves me correct. Game sizes are all over the place. There is a thread on here somewhere if you use the search that will give you some examples of scrubbed game sizes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirk9225 View Post
    I downloaded an ISO of another game
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    Thanks I appreciate the help!


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