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Thread: just dance 2 or even 1

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    just dance 2 or even 1

    anyone found a place to get the download content songs free? you save them to the sd card so it cant be all that hard to copy. or is this not possible? anyhow thanks for the help.

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    Just Dance 1 doesn't even have any DLC if I remember correctly. Even if I knew a link to a place or way to get DLC for the game (which I don't...I haven't even played it yet) it would violate the sites anti-piracy rules. Purchased WiiWare/VC/DLC is tied to your console so it's not like you can just copy it from someone else's SD. Of course there are ways around it but it's not as simple as you're making it seem.
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    You can get the songs for free by BUYING THE GAME. Thread closed.


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