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Thread: What's my best option?

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    What's my best option?

    Hi, I would like to ask some things. I've got my wii softmodded, with system menu 4.2u. I'm using Neogamma with IOS 249 (Rev 17) to play games, no problem so far, until now. I burned Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and it didn't worked, so I was reading a lot of stuff.

    Here it says I've to install

    Use IOS 223 v4 (Base 37 + 38)

    --- OR cIOSx Rev 20 (Base 56) --- IOS249

    The cIOSx Rev 20 is another neogamma application or what? I don't have an USB Hard Drive and don't want to use any. What do you suggest me Guys?
    Thanks and sorry about my english

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    if you go with 223 you have to use uloader to load the disc


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