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Thread: Help! Wii Update from 4.1E / IOS249

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    Help! Wii Update from 4.1E / IOS249

    I have a soft modded Wii that was setup a while ago now and is on Sytem Menu 4.1E - Hacked and IOS249!!

    Should i update to a newer System Menu and IOS??

    If so is there a guide anywhere that i can follow?

    Couldn't find one.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Thanks for the reply!

    I downloaded the Softmod pack (SoftMod Update 24042010) and went through it as instructed, but, as i am already on 4.1 menu system i did not do an update of the bootmii or HBC.

    I did as the guide said and everything works, however, when i checked my menu version it still said "4.1E" !!!

    How do i update to 4.2??


    is it safe to update to a newer menu system?

    Thanks again


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    You want to stay on 4.1..... 4.2 and 4.3 wre designed purely to kill HB. That guide will have installed the latest ios' and the correct cios setup.
    Its always advised to take a bootmii back up and if you re install HB you will be on the latest version.

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    Thanks for that info.

    Greatly appreciated!

    Not sure how to do a Bootmii backup though !! Any advice gratefully accepted.

    Is BootMii the menu that starts if you hold the button in on boot up on the Wii?



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