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Thread: The best thing to do?...

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    The best thing to do?...

    I have recently purchased a wii, I upgraded to 3.4u and now im wanted to hack it. soo i have done some reading but im a noob and i want a second opinion..

    Objective; Being able to make burned 'backup' copies of my games that will work via DVD.

    What I Need:
    - Downgrade to 3.2

    - Modchip - Im confused on this... im reading i need a mod chip and im reading i do not.. so i really dont know which direction i should go. modchip is very easy to install, but they only work with 3.2??

    - A specific DVD Burner that will be able to read/write the wii games??

    - Twilight hack/Homebrew

    End result i have dupes of my games that i can pop into the console like any other game?
    Ive tried doing some research however I read people contradicting each other.

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    Hello Sinr if i were you then would install a modchip because it works with most if not all backups plus you get all the benefits of installing the homebrew channel via dvd. However there is a risk of bricking your wii when you install a modchip but then again theres always risk when your modding your wii, even if it's installing the homebrew channel via twilight hack. The only problem with wiigators backup launcher is atm not all of the games are supported however i guess that they will further develop this and eventually make a launcher that boots all games.

    Hope i have been of some help.

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    ok, great...
    Now are only certain DVD recorders able to burn the dupes?

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    If you want Homebrew you should downgrade and do the twilight hack and all the good jazz. When it comes to Wii game reading and dumping only certain LG drives are capable of doing that deed. Any drive that can burn a DVD, can burn the Wii game.

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    Any dvd burner can burn wii games (like isos you get from various places), but it takes a special dvd rom to read wii games, to make backups yourself.

    Edit: wiiwouldliketo hack posted first, Sorry i had window but took 4 hours to respond before i saw his post, just trying to help!
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    I already said that, what was the point in that post?

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    Ok, So i have a LG GDR-8164B DVD Rom now, blank DVD's and a DVD Burner.
    1) Copy the Original Wii game from the disk to an ISO using imgburn.
    2) Copy the ISO to a blank dvd using imgburn writing at 2.4x.
    3) Place backup copy into the wii, Which is now running vr 3.2u with the backup loader.
    4) Load Backup Loader and play the backup dvd.
    5) Kick some @$$

    Am i missing any steps or is there a better software? I plan on getting a modchip once they are out of backorder.

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    Im not sure of the compatibility of wii brick blocker and the backup loader, but you might want to get wii brick blocker, and try it on a backup of the iso you make, then using the backup loader patch.

    The wii brick blocker is to prevent wii games updating your wii firmware, and since newer firmware can get rid of the homebrew channel completely, its definitely worth getting. If you ever get a game that wants to install an update, run the wii brick blocker.


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